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Buddhist Deity: Achala, Chandamaharoshana

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4.19. His right hand is terrifying with a sword in it,
His left is holding a noose;
He is making a threatening gesture with his index finger,
And bites his lower lip with his fangs.

4.­20. “Kicking with his right foot,
He is smashing the four Māras.
His left knee is on the ground.
Squint eyed, he inspires fear.

4.­21. “He points a threatening gesture at Vasudhā,
Kneeling on the cap of his left knee.
He has Akṣobhya for his crest jewel;
He is of blue color and wears a jewel diadem.

4.­22. “A princely youth, Wearing Five Braids of Hair,
Adorned with all the ornaments,
He appears to be sixteen years old,
And his eyes are red—he, the powerful one.

4.­23. “One should meditate with a steadfast mind:
‘I am the accomplished being, Caṇḍa­mahā­roṣaṇa.’
Then, by a churning method,
One should emanate White Acala in the east.

4.­24. “One should emanate Delusion Vajrī in the southeast,
Of the color of autumnal white lotus.
One should emanate Yellow Acala in the south,
And Calumny Vajrī in the southwest.

4.­25. “One should emanate Red Acala in the west,
And the red Passion Vajrī in the northwest.
In the north, one should emanate Green Acala,
And in the northwest, green Envy Vajrī.

4.51. This concludes the deity chapter, the fourth in the glorious Caṇḍa­mahā­roṣaṇa tantra called “The Sole Hero.”

84000: Translating the Words of the Buddha: Chandamaharoshana Tantra (Caṇḍa­mahā­roṣaṇa­tantram, dpal gtum po khro bo chen po’i rgyud kyi rgyal po dpa’ bo gcig pa zhes bya ba).

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