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Several hundred photos of Wutaishan Mountain in China have been uploaded to the HAR website. They are not art photos per se but rather snap shots of some of the important stupas, temples, sculpture and sight locations. The mountain with its five terraces (peaks) and the narrative relating to Manjushri are important in the art of the Himalayas, Mongolia, Tibet and Nepal. In the principal valley is a large white stupa made by the famous Nepalese artist Aniko. It is also stated in the recorded literature that Chogyal Pagpa himself assisted in the physical construction of the stupa. All of this was during the time of Kublai Khan. It would be a huge task to document and photograph all of the major and minor sites and probably take more than a week to conduct a traditional pilgrimage even with the use of a motor vehicle.

(Also see Tibetan Buddhism at Ri bo rtse lnga/Wutai shan in Modern Times. Gray Tuttle, Columbia University. JIATS, no. 2 (August 2006), THL #T2723, 35 pp. (c) 2006 by Gray Tuttle, IATS, and THL. There was an exhibition at the Rubin Museum of Art in 2007 titled Wutaishan: Pilgrimage to the Five Peaked Mountain).

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