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Details: Numbered Image of 571 (Gelug Refuge Field)

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Field for the Accumulation of Merit with Tsongkapa at the Center: surrounded by the Panchen Lama incarnation lineage above and meditational deities, Confession Buddhas, arhats and protectors below - the Field for the Accumulation of Merit (Tib.: tsog shing).

The multitude of religious figures is presented as if seated in a tree rising from a blue pond below at the bottom of the composition. The viewer sees it as figures arrayed on one side of a green leafy tree placed from top to bottom. This is an artistic representation. Textually it is described with Tsongkapa at the top of the tree seated on a throne and the array of figures are depicted surrounding him on a horizontal plane rather than the artistic representation of a vertical plane.

The six diagrammatic images below highlight the principal iconographic groupings that make up the subject and content of this particular style of Gelug Refuge Field (Field of Accumulation).

Six Diagrammatic Images:
1. Over-all Iconographic Program
2. Panchen Lama Incarnation Lineage
3. Meditational Deities
4. Indian Scholars, Siddhas & Protectors
5. Thirty-five Confession Buddhas
6. Eight Great Bodhisattvas & Sixteen Great Arhats