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Shakyamuni Buddha: Life Story, Confession & Arhats

Shakyamuni: Religious Context

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- Shakyamuni Buddha Life Story
- Shakyamuni Buddha & Confession Buddhas
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All of the paintings below are both early in period and depict three or more of the subjects of [1] Shakyamuni Buddha, [2] the Two Principle Disciples, along with [3] the Sixteen Great Arhats, [4] the Thirty-five Confession Buddhas and [5] the Life Story. Most of the paintings have the same register type composition structure in common. The depictions of the life story also appear to be based one on the other with some vignettes almost identical in narrative and arrangement. The composition of the paintings are most likely following earlier models of already established composition for these three important subjects that specifically represent the Theravadin (Hinayana) and Mahayana Traditions of Buddhism.

(There are a number of other early examples of this subject represented in painting which are not yet up on the HAR website).

Jeff Watt 6-2012 [updated 6-2017]