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Nyentog Monastery is located in the town of Rebkong in the region of Amdo. In one small chapel at the side of the main monastery are several well preserved wall murals. These paintings are believed to have been created during the time of Ngagchang Jamyang Lodro in the late 17th century. This prominant teacher of Rebkong named Garu Pandita Lobzang Sherab was a student of the 5th Dalai Lama and Trichen Lodro Gyatso. The murals are also said to be in the mixed style of Menri and Khyenri. The Menri style here is not the 'New' Menri Sarma of Choying Gyatso but rather the original Menri of Manla Dondrub.

Regardless of the precise painting style names, the compositions are magnificent examples of early post-Sakya Rebkong painting.

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