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Subject: Tantric Feast (Ganachakra)

Feast (Ganachakra) | Charnel Grounds & Cemeteries | Mahasiddha Technical Glossary

Feast: (Skt. ganapuja, ganachakra): collection or assembly, a gathering of foods and substances to be offered to the meditational deity and an assembled group of initiated Tantric practitioners, generally conducted on textually prescribed astrological dates based on the Indian, or Tibetan, lunar calendar.

The selection of images below are either primarily depicting the subject of a Ganachakra or there are significant secondary images in the composition detailing the practice of Ganachakra. See the image located at the middle left side of the Yogambara painting. Note the offerings arranged in front of Kalzang Gyatso.

Jeff Watt, 8-2012