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There are hundreds of Jataka Tales that describe the events and various previous births of Shakyamuni Buddha. In the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition the vast majority of painted depictions focus on either the Thirty-four tales or the longer One Hundred Jataka Tales. The collection known as the Thirty-four Jatakas are included as the first series of thirty-four stories in the One-hundred Jatakas.

Over the time span of the last millennium there have been many Tibetan edited versions of texts retelling these stories. There can also be many minor variations and sometimes the addition of extra stories, but all of the edited versions generally follow the same list of titles and are commonly known as the two collections of Thirty-four Jataka Tales and the One Hundred Jataka Tales.

Story Titles for the One-hundred Jataka Tales: (The list below is based on the story names presented with the block print set of Dingriwa's Prajnaparamita block print text).

1. The Tigress (read the story)
2. King of the Shibis (read the story)
3. A Small Portion of Gruel (read the story)
4. The Merchant (read the story)
5. The Invincible One (read the story)
6. The Hare (read the story)
7. Ajastya the Ascetic (read the story)
8. The Strength of Love (read the story)
9. Vishvantara (read the story)
10. The Sacrifice (read the story)
11. Shakra (read the story)
12. The Brahman (read the story)
13. She Who drives Men Mad (read the story)
14. Suparaga (read the story)
15. The Fish (read the story)
16. The Baby Quail (read the story)
17. The Jar (read the story)
18. The Wealthy Prince (read the story)
19. The Lotus Roots (read the story)
20. The Treasurer (read the story)
21. The Story of Kuddhabodhi (read the story)
22. The Noble Geese (read the story)
23. The Wise One (read the story)
24. The Great Ape (read the story)
25. The Fabulous Sharaba Deer (read the story)
26. The Ruru Deer (read the story)
27. The Monkey King (read the story)
28. The Teacher Of Restraint (read the story)
29. A Visitor From Brahmaloka (read the story)
30. The Elephant (read the story)
31. Sutasoma (read the story)
32. Prince of the Iron House (read the story)
33. The Buffalo (read the story)
34. The Woodpecker (read the story)
35. The Compassionate Lion
36. Great Diligence
37. Gold Colored King
38. Wild Animal Kunda
39. The Meritorious King
40. Bhikshu Kirti Prabha
41. The Master Desiring Solitude
42. King of the Illuminating Lamp
43. Rabbit Enjoying Solitude
44. King Bearing a Staff
45. Indomitable Children
46. King Sthiradatta
47. Bodhisattva Bliss Giver
48. Ascetic Pleasant Ray
49. Water Born Child
50. The Worldly Joy
51. King Brahmadatta
52. Kumara Seeking Spiritual Instruction
53. Kumari Having Wisdom
54. The Doctor Who Makes Rain Fall
55. Prince Mirror Face
56. The Sage Born in a Cattle Shed
57. Peaceful Intellect
58. Nagaraja Big Drum
59. The Water Bird (chu sreg)
60. Buddha Vishvajnana
61. The Compassionate Leader
62. Kumara with a Soul of Compassion
63. Shishu Karma
64. Indra Who Helps to Overcome from Non-virtue
65. Buddha Brahma
66. The Dancer
67. Chakravartin King Mandhatri
68. The Nagraja Enjoying the Treasure
69. The Lion King
70. Megha, Brahmin Child
71. King Prabhavati
72. Renowned Brahma
73. The Gambler
74. Peaceful and Gentle Creature
75. Elephant with Six Tusks
76. Buddha Udayin
77. The Wealthy King
78. Brahma Joy of the Moon
79. King Ambar
80. King Shrisena
81. Prince Mahasattva
82. King Moonlight
83. King of Shibi
84. King Aranemi
85. The Bodhisattva Who Endures
86. Lion King Clotted Hair
87. Knowledgeable Master
88. Kumara Sudhana
89. Blissful God
90. The Meritorious Prince
91. Rishi Suprabha
92. The Rishi Who Accomplished the End of the Age
93. Ketumati
94. Shyamaka
95. Brahma Suryamala Prahana
96. Rishi Dhundubi
97. King Nemi
98. Bhikshu Utpala Mukha
99. Bodhisattva Virbala
100. The Magnificent One
101. Buddha Uttama Svetaketu

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