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Bases With Legs:
There are many different types of sculptural bases that support a figurative subject. The two most common types of bases are throne shaped and lotus shaped. Sometimes these two are even combined together to form a lotus atop a throne. The throne shape can be ornate and highly decorative with designs and symbolic images or even figures such as the Four Guardian Kings or the animal mounts associated with the Five Buddha Families. The lotus base can be a single lotus with un-ornamented petals or leaves, or highly ornamented. The lotus can be single or double. Some single lotus bases are supported above a stem adorned with foliage and attendant figures. The most elaborate of these are the Lotus Mandala Style with an articulated flower blossom that completely encloses the figurative subject of the work of art. Surrounding the bottom and top of the lotus there is sometimes a ring of small beads imitating the pistil and stamens of the flower.

Sculpture bases that have legs are found more commonly as an aesthetic feature from North India and Bengal during the Pala and immediate post-Pala period. The four legged pedestal base was revived somewhat during the 17th to 19th century Chinese revivals of earlier Buddhist sculpture traditions.

The examples below are a selection from India, Nepal, Tibet and China.

Jeff Watt 11-2013