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Sculpture: Tsang Province Atelier, Tibet

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The sculpture in this gallery appear to have been made in a same or similar style and originate from a single Tibetan location or region. The style of the sculpture in general follows that of Tsang Province where incising is popular and gilding less common. Note the similarities in the shape and structure of the faces, ornamentation, and double lotus base. It is possible that the individual works span a time frame of approximately five hundred years but primarily the pieces are dated to the late 15th century into the 19th century. The latest of the examples is dated to circa 1827 with the image of Yangchen Gawa Lodro.

It is possible that the Vajradhara sculpture represented here are the first figures in sets of the Sakya Margapala (Lamdre) Lineage which was very popular in Tsang province with the Sakya, Jonang, Bulug, and Bodong traditions.

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