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Subject: Protector Deities, Tibetan (Prior to 17th Century)

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The images of scroll paintings below each contain, as a secondary figure, a Tibetan Worldly Protector appearing in a painting dated prior to the 17th century. One early image is of Tseringma, local protector of Shalu Monastery, in a standing posture, wearing peacock feathers. This image is of a mural located in the Lokeshvara chapel accessed from the ground floor circumambulatory.

The other secondary images of note found in the remaining images below are of Tashi Tseringma riding a lion and Damchen Garwa Nagpo riding a goat.

Of the scroll paintings, the Magzor Gyalmo belongs to the Gelug Tradition and the remaining five paintings to the Bara and Karma Kamtsang Kagyu Tradition. As additional worldly protectors are recognized as primary or secondary images in pre-17th century paintings they will be added to this gallery.

Identified Tibetan Worldly Protectors:
- Tseringma (Shalu Monastery)
- Tashi Tseringma Riding a Lion
- Damchen Garwa Nagpo

Jeff Watt 5-2014