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Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara, Chaturbhuja (Wearing a Tiger Skirt)

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Lokeshvara wearing a tiger skin skirt originates with the the Zamatog Mani Kabum Tibetan text. Currently there are only two paintings identified as belonging to this form of Lokeshvara. The only difference between the standard Chaturbhuja Lokeshvara and this form is the striped tiger skin skirt worn around the waist, otherwise all attributes and characteristics appear the same.

Sadhanasamucchaya folio 43. "The meaning of the method of accomplishment of the Six-syllables as written in the Zamatog Kupa (Mani Kabum version of the Karanadavyuha Sutra). Out of the state of emptiness [arises] a vajra and lotus, from a letter A a moon disc, above, from the letter HRIH is Lokeshvara, with a body white like the colour of an autumn moon, one face, four arms. The first two [hands] are folded at the heart. The lower right [holds] prayer beads. The lower left [holds] a lotus and a jewel. Wearing various jewels and silk garments, having a lower garment of tiger skin, radiating an [aura] of white light, seated with the two feet in vajra posture."

Jeff Watt 9-2014 [updated 3-2017]