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Taranata (1575-1635 [TBRC P1428]) is generally identified in art by inscription or within a painted composition depicting his incarnation lineage with the key figure being the mahasiddha Krishnacharya, or by context in relation to secondary figures or deity subjects such as Raudrantika and others. Some emphasis, but less so, is placed on the lappets of the pandita hat turned inward.

There appears to be no fixed authoritative iconography for Taranata. In painting he has the attire of a monastic figure and wears a pandita hat. He can have the hands in a teaching gesture, the right in a gesture of blessing or holding a vajra and bell to the heart and left hip.

Disputed Questions:
- Incarnation Line
- Monastic or Layman
- Relations with the 5th Dalai Lama's Family
- Place of Death
- Rebirth

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