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Buddhist Deity: Avalokiteshvara (Non-standard Forms)

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Avalokiteshvara can take on many different forms as well as forms of other deities. The most non-standard of these are when he assumes the forms of other unrelated deities. (Also see Lokeshvara as the source of all the Hindu Gods).

Amoghapasha is generally a retinue figure in the company of Lokeshvara. The Hindu god Ganesha is often depicted in Tantric Buddhism as a form of Lokeshvara. Likewise, Lha Chenpo (Shiva) is also Lokeshvara. Arising from Tantric literature there are many different forms of Mahakala described. According to the Eight Chapter Mahakala Tantra, one form of the one face six armed Mahakala is an emanation of Lokeshvara. The White Jambhala, originating with the lineage of Jowo Atisha, is also an emanation of Lokeshvara. The other forms of Jambhala are each their own entity and unrelated to Lokeshvara.

Lokeshvara Non-standard Forms:
- Amoghapasha
- Ganapati
- Lha Chenpo
- Shadbhuja Mahakala (all forms)
- White Jambhala (riding a dragon - Atisha Tradition)
- Others...

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