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Refuge Field (Religious Traditions)

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- Drigung Kagyu Refuge Field
- Drugpa Kagyu Refuge Field
- Karma Kagyu Refuge Field
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Refuge Field Supports:
- Lotus
- Tree
- Palace
- Clouds
- Others...

As for the creation of Refuge Field paintings and the Kagyu Tradition in general, the Drigung appear to be the earliest to adopt this visual model with a number of extant examples. Then follow the Drugpa Kagyu with one example on the HAR website. The Karma Kagyu appears to be the last to adopt the visual form with three pre 1959 examples known to exist. The earliest of those Karma Kagyu Refuge Fields can be dated to between 1900 and 1922 based on inscriptions and a depiction of the 15th Karmapa, Kakyab Dorje (1870/71-1921/22).

Jeff Watt [updated 6-2017]