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- Iconography: Religious Traditions
- *Refuge Field Traditions Outline*
- Bon Religion
- Chinese Emperor Refuge Field
- Chod & Zhije
- Gelug
- Hahn Collection
- Jonang
- Kagyu
- Karma Kagyu
- Longchen Nyingtig
- Miscellaneous Subjects
- Nyingma
- Sakya
- Vajrayana Buddhism Main Page
- Confusions
- Others...

The Refuge Field is the basis for a visualization and meditation practice common to Tantric Buddhism. The function of a Refuge Field is to be a visual composition reminding the devotee of all of the most sacred objects contained in the tradition, namely the (1) Teacher, (2) Buddha, (3) Dharma - religious texts, (4) Sangha, (5) Ishtadevata - meditational deities, and (6) Dharmapala - the Religious Protectors, including wealth deities. It is this hierarchical grouping of teachers, books and deities that are the Field of Accumulation - the basis upon which merit (in a Buddhist sense) can be accrued.

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