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Based solely on observation there appears to be three types of Bon Refuge Field (Field of Accumulation) compositions. They are distinguishable by over-all design and the central figure subject.

The first type depicts the figure of (1) Nyamme Sherab Gyaltsen. He is shown in his typical iconographic form wearing monastic robes and a lotus hat.

The second type of Refuge Field painting depicts the deity (2) Shenlha Okar, white in colour, seated in a posture of meditation with the hands placed in the lap. It is commonly said that the Shenlha Okar type was designed by Shardza Tashi Gyaltsen (1859-1933).

The third type appears very (3) asymmetrical in composition and was designed in the 1960s by Lobpon Tenzin Namdak while staying at the Menri Monastery of Dolanji, India.

The oldest of the paintings below is possibly HAR #98896 belonging to the Hahn Collection. It is likely to be early-mid 19th century and from Central Tibet. Many of the paintings represented below are of late 19th or 20th century creation.

Shenlha Okar Type: HAR #81494, 99000, 200013, 200016.

Nyamme Sherab Gyaltsen Type: HAR #64402, 70112, 70142, 98896.

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