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Buddhist Deity: Chakrasamvara (Forms & Types)

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Forms & Types:
- Chakrasamvara Forms & Types Explanation (below)
- All Retinue Figures in a Single Composition
- Chakrasamvara Forms Outline
- Heruka
- Luipa Tradition
- Krishnacharin Tradition
- Ghantapa Tradition
- Donkey-faced
- White Chakrasamvara
- Dhutaguna, Kambalapada Tradition
- 'Tong Drel' Tradition
- Abhidana & Dakarnava
- Samvarodaya
- Vajrasattva Chakrasamvara
- Vajradaka (Four Faces, Six Arms)
- Vajradaka (Fire Offering)
- Retinue Figures
- Lotus Mandala
- Confusions
- Others...

There are as many as fifty different Chakrasamvara traditions in Tibetan Buddhism. A number of the deity forms are the same between the traditions but also may of the forms are different and varied in both large and small ways. The three most famous traditions are those of Luipa, Krishnacharin and Ghantapa followed by maitrpa, Mitra Yogin and Abhakara Gupta.

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