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Buddhist Deity: Vajrayogini, Khechara (Naked Form)

Vajrayogini, Khechara (Naked Form) | Vajrayogini, Khechara (Naropa Tradition)

The so-called naked Vajrayogini sculpture are basically figures without ornaments, crown, necklace, etc., because the ornaments have fallen off, broken off, or been deliberately taken off. Several of the examples below also have no lotus base or torana back rest.

All of the figures had ornaments at one time as can be seen with HAR 9233 which still retains all of the attributes and decorations.

See two Maharakta Ganapati sculpture examples that have used the same technique of applying the jewellery and decorations after the casting of the figure: HAR #65448, 69475.

The sculpture with the very dark brown patina appear to be Chinese Qianlong Period creations.

Jeff Watt 8-2017