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Collection of Richard R. & Magdalena Ernst

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Subjects, Topics & Types:
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- Sotheby's Paris, Dec.15th, 2022
- Masterworks
- Bon Paintings
- Mandalas
- Miscellaneous
- Nepal Paintings
- Sculpture
- Indian Style in Tibet
- Teachers
- Yantras & Miscellaneous
- Others...

"The Richard R. & Magdalena Ernst Collection of Himalayan Art. Acquired over decades and representing a lifetime commitment to Himalayan painting and sculpture, this widely-published collection will be remembered as one of the most significant... Featuring more than one hundred paintings spanning the twelfth—eighteenth century, this magnificent collection is an homage to the discerning eye and impeccable taste of Richard and Magdalena Ernst." (Sotheby's Auction House).

Jeff Watt 12-2017

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