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Padmasambhava Early Images (Central Figure)

Padmasambhava Art History

- 13th Century: None Identified
- 14th Century: HAR #160, 92019
- 15th Century: 30648, 30820
- 16th Century: 10962, 18374, 31213, 31316, 31317, 31318
- Early & Mid Period (Primary & Secondary Figures)

- Padmasambhava: Early Portrait Paintings
- Padmasambhava (HAR 160)

Early paintings of Padmasambhava as a central figure are relatively rare and likely originate with Nyangral Nyima Ozer (mnga' bdag nyang/myang ral nyi ma 'od zer, 1124-1192. See biography). With very early depictions it is more common to find secondary images of Padmasambhava especially with depictions of Avalokiteshvara in the Chaturbhuja or Ekadasha iconographic forms.

Two of the compositions of Padmasambhava as a central figure below are determined by style to belong to the 14th century. Two other compositions are 15th century. The side figures in these paintings are very similar to each other and seem to follow an established iconographic program. Six other paintings below are identified as belonging to the 16th century.

Study Topics:
- Central Figure
- Secondary Figure Padmasambhava
- Iconographic Appearance
- Secondary Figures
- Composition Types

Jeff Watt [updated 4-2021]

(The text and images displayed on this page in no way state or imply that these constitute the only early paintings depicting Padmasambhava. These images are what is currently represented on the HAR website).