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So far there are no known or identified works by the artist Chi'u Gangpa. There are no identified murals, no scroll works, and no inscriptions.

The 20th century Tibetan scholar Shakabpa suggests that Gyantse art is based on the art style of an artist named Chi'u. He further suggests that Chi'u lived in the 13th century but later contradicts himself by saying that the artist also painted a mural in the 15th century Palkor Chode Monastery, Gyantse.

Mention of an artist named Chi'u in Literature:
- Earlier mentions in literature (currently unknown)
- Gongkar Dorje Denpa (1432-1496): Lhazo Chi'u Genyen
- Karmapa Choying Dorje (1655): painted in the style of Chi'u as gifts for the 6th Tai Situpa
- Nenang Pawo Trinle Gyatso (17th century): mention is made in Choying Dorje catalogue of artistic creations
- Fifth Dalai Lama (17th century): Chi'u rimo
- Desi Sanggye Gyatso (17th century): Trulku Chi'u
- De'u Mar Geshe (17/18th century): brief history of Chi'u and Chi'u painting style description
- Longdol Lama (18th century): mentions that Chi'u was born in Yarlung
- Situ Panchen (18th century): Chi'u Gangpa
- Jamgon Kongtrul (19th century): brief history of Chi'u and Chi'u painting style description
- Shakabpa (20th century): brief history of Chi'u, painting style description and born in Lato

These are the current and commonly known references to Chi'u in literature. It is very likely that there are many more to be found.

The painting below of Damchen Garwa Nagpo, by the artist Choying Dorje, is said to be in a Chi'u art style according to the writings related to the biography and artistic output of Choying Dorje. It is not clear or immediately obvious which aspects and elements of the composition are in a Chi'u style.

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