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Buddhist Deity: Sarvavid (Vajrapani Mandalas)

Sarvavid, Parishodhana Tantra

1. Sarvavid Vairochana with 37 principal deities
2. Body-Shakyamuni (8 deities)
3. Mind-Vajrapani with 4 deities
4. Speech-Amitayus with 4 deities
5. Qualities-Chakravartin (numerous deities)
6. Activity-Jvalanala with 12 deities
7. Vajrapani and the 4 Direction Kings
8. Vajrapani and the 8 Dikpala (bottom right)
9. Trailokyavijaya and the 8 Planets
10. Vajrapani and the 8 Great Nagas
11. Trailokyavijaya and the 9 Bhairavas
12. Trailokyavijaya and the 8 Mahadevas

The central figure of each of the mandala images below is Vajrapani, white in colour, with one face and two hands, holding a vajra in the right hand to the heart and a bell at the hip with the left. These figures of Vajrapani are often confused with the similar appearing deity Vajrasattva. (See Confusions: Vajrasattva & Vajrapani).

Jeff Watt 9-2019