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Buddhist Deity: Manjushri (Standing Comparison)

Manjushri (Standing)

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Manjushri Standing Comparison (below)
- Qianlong Copies
- Bodhisattva, Standing (Comparison)
- Confusions
- Others...

Presented here are three sculptures in a Pala Indian/Kashmir style, 11th to 13th century. Is there an original sculpture? Are all three originally from India? Is one an original Indian work and the other two works Qianlong copies (reign: October 11th, 1735 to February 8th 1796) made in the 18th century? Is one a Tibetan copy? This is a very big discussion because of the number of potential Qianlong copies housed in the Palace Museum in Beijing.

Jeff Watt 11-2019