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- Pehar (Mind)
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Principal Forms of Pehar Gyalpo:
1. King of Body - Monbu Putra (riding a blue lion)
2. King of Speech - Dra Lha Kye Chigbu (riding a mule)
3. King of Mind - Gya Jin (riding an elephant)
4. King of Qualities - Shing Cha Chen (riding a zombie, or a horse)
5. King of Activities - Pehar (riding a white lion)

- Pehar Gyalpo
- Nechung Chogyong
- Nyingma Protectors

The Seventy-five Lords of Pure Lineage:
- Ten Guardians of the Directions, (Tibetan - chog yong chu)
- Eight Great Gods, (Tib. - lha chenpo gye)
- Eight Great Nagas, (Tib. - lhu chenpo gye)
- Eight Great Planets, (Tib. - za chenpo gye)
- Four Worldly Guardians, (Tib. - jig ten kyong wa shi)
- Twenty-eight Constellations, (Tib. - gyu kar nyi shu tsa gye)
- Nine Great Bhairavas, (Tib. - jig je chenpo gu)

In the courtyard of Nechung monastery there are murals depicting the additional outer retinue of Pehar which can also be found with other protector deities such as Shadbhuja Mahakala.

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