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Buddhist Worldly Protector: Vaishravana Riding a Lion (Iconography)

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- Warrior Attire
- Peaceful Deity Attire
- Retinue Figures
- Square Palace
- Sculpture Set (Black Stone)
- Vaishravana & Eight Horsemen (Lhasa)
- Vaishravana & Eight Horsemen (Block Prints, Mongolia)
- Four Guardian Kings Main Page
- Vaishravana Yantra: #59803, #74260
- Confusions: Tibetan Kings, Jambhala, Kubera, Yaksha Generals
- Others...

"With vajra armour, a garland of jewel ornaments and the beautiful heavenly banner - fluttering, illuminated in the middle of a hundred thousand Wealth Bestowers; homage to Vaishravana, chief among the protectors of the Teaching." (Nyingma liturgical verse).

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