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Iconographic Forms & Types:
- Akshobhyavajra (blue)
- Manjuvajra (orange)
- Lokeshvara (red)
- White
- Vajradhara Guhyasamaja
- Vajra Dvesha Guhyasamaja
- Humkara Guhyasamaja
- Heruka Guhyasamaja
- Nyingma Guhyasamaja
- Unusual or Unidentified Iconography
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Mandala Types According to Number of Deities:
- Nine Deity (9)
- Thirteen Deity (13)
- Nineteen Deity (19)
- Twenty-five Deity (25)
- Thirty-two Deity (32)
- Thirty-four Deity (34)
- Forty-three Deity (43)
- Others...

Akshobhyavajra Guhyasamaja Description: "...with a body blue in colour like sapphire, issuing forth rays of blazing light. The main face is blue with a mixed expression of fierceness and desire. The canine teeth are pointed and clenched, frowning and having three eyes. The right face is white in a peaceful manner, left face is red in a desirous manner. All three faces are adorned with very beautiful eyebrows. Each of the six hands are adorned with precious rings. The first two hands hold a nine pointed vajra and a bell embracing the consort [who is in] the same [appearance] as the [Father]. The right second [hand] holds a white wheel with eight spokes. The third [hand] holds a red lotus with eight petals. The left second [hand] holds a green jewel with nine facets. The third [hand] holds a sword, bright blue and blazing with rays of light. Seated with the legs in vajra posture, adorned with the thirty-two major and eighty minor marks, the hair, in braids, is tied on the crown of the head. The jewel on the crown of the head greatly blazes with soothing rays of light [like] the sun and moon. Adorned with eight [different types] of precious ornaments: a crown, earrings, choker, necklace, armlets, bracelets, long necklace and belt. The ears are made more beautiful with blue utpalas and ribbons; wearing various [heavenly] garments bright like Indra's bow [rainbow]." (Jamgon Amezhab, 1597-1659).

Some forms of Guhyasamaja have only two eyes per face. Other traditions describe three eyes per face.

The Eleven Father Tantra Mandalas: (Mitra Gyatsa)
46. Guhyasamaja, Manjuvajra 17 Deity
47. Guhyasamaja, Akshobhyavajra 32 Deity
48. Guhyasamaja, Humkara 17 Deity
49. Guhyasamaja, Manjuvajra (Lilavajra Tradition) 43 Deity

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