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Video: Shiva in Buddhist Art

Forms of Shiva in Buddhist Tantra:
- Located under the feet of many Buddhist deities
- Located in the outer entourage of many deity mandalas
- As an emanation of Shrishtikantha Lokeshvara
- Depicted as the progenitor of the Svarodaya
- Others...

Maha Deva (Tibetan: lha chen po, English: Great God): also known as Shiva - emanation of Avalokiteshvara.

"...Great God, Ishvara, with a body red in colour, like ruby, blazing with light. Having one face, two hands and three eyes, charming and passionate in appearance. In the right [hand] holding aloft a hook to gather the Three Realms and the left a lasso of wind. The hair is bound in a tuft decorated with a crescent moon. Adorned with silks and jewels, naked with a red linga, engorged and erect. The right leg is bent and the left extended in a standing posture. Embraced by the consort, Uma Devi, bright red, beautiful and affectionate. The right [hand] holds a conch shell vessel to the Father and the left a hook; adorned with jewels..." (Min-ling Lochen Dharmashri, 1654-1718. Tibetan source text part II, pp.364-365).

"To the discerning pristine awareness body of all conquerors,
Emanation body of compassion of the powerful Avalokiteshvara,
Benevolent Lord of the World:
Mahadeva together with consort, Uma, I pay homage."
(Nyingma liturgical verse).

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