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Tradition: Gelug (Three Protectors)

Gelug Art History & Iconography

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Shadbhuja Mahakala
- Yama Dharmaraja
- Vaishravana Riding a Lion
- Gelug Protectors Outline

Commonly found at the bottom of Gelug compositions is the unique triad of three protectors, Shadbhuja Mahakala, Yama Dharmaraja and Vaishravana. This group of three are unique to Gelug iconographic compositions and are related to the Lamrim and Gyurim teachings of Lama Tsongkapa. The three protectors are relate to the three types of beings, or Dharma practitioners, 1. greater, 2. middling, and 3. lesser.

Jeff Watt 2-2020

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