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Painting Set: Shalu (17th century Atelier)

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There are two or three different painting sets displayed below. The painting of Buton Rinchen Drub #69418 and Krodha Vajrapani #69441 appear to stylistically be from the same workshop and atelier as the others but do not belong to the same painting set as the Vajravidarana, Rakta Yamari, Nilambara Vajrapani and Panjarnata Mahakala. (See a short article on the HAR on Patreon website: A 17th Century Shalu Painting Set).

Individual Paintings (?):
- Buton Rinchen Drub
- Nilambara Vajrapani

Painting Set:
- Vajravidarana
- Rakta Yamari
- Nilambara Vajrapani
- Panjaranata Mahakala

Jeff Watt [updated 9-2021]

(See Panjarnata Mahakala and Vajrapani on the V & A website).