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Buddhist Deity: Kalachakra (Early Painting)

Kalachakra Art History

Approximate Dates:
- 1300s - HAR #87223 scroll-work
- 1350s - #36168 Chotsang mural
- 1400 circa - #7794 Drotsang Dorje Chang mural
- 1400 circa - #30695 scroll-work
- 1437 circa - Gyantse Kumbum (top floor mural)
- 1460 circa - #60412 Gonkar Chode mural
- Early Sculpture
- Early Mandalas
- Others...

There are very few early Kalachakra paintings and none identified so far that are prior to the 14th century. Four paintings out of the five image examples below are murals. The earliest painting is a scroll-work, HAR #87223, and depicts as secondary figures the deities of the Vajravali compendium text. The Chotsang Cave Temple mural, of Mustang, Nepal, is the earliest of the murals. It is possible that there are Kalachakra murals at Shalu monastery that are dated to the time of Buton Rinchen Drub (1290-1364).

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