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Buddhist Deity: Kalachakra (Early Mandalas)

Kalachakra Art History

Approximate Dates:
- 1300s - HAR #55694
- 1400s - 8283, 52462, 52489, 77199, 88706, 99170
- Early Painting
- Early Sculpture

Only one Kalachakra mandala example can be possibly dated to the 14th century, HAR #55694, belonging to the Tibet Museum in Lhasa. All of the examples below belong either to the Sakya or Ngor traditions. Some of the examples could also be productions of either Shalu, Palkor Chode, Bodong E, or Jonang Monasteries, following a standard Sakya iconographic program of the time. The earliest Gelug example is dated to the 16th century and painted in a Gyantse style. It is interesting to note the two principal Sakya protectors located at the lower right side, along with other Sakya elements in the composition.

Jeff Watt 6-2020