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List of Deities:
- Bernagchen Mahakala
- Shri Devi & Mahakala
- Shingkyong Yab-Yum
- Bamro Yab-Yum
- Damchen Garwa Nagpo
- Karma Tansung
- Others...

The special protector of Karma Kagyu tradition is Bernagchen Mahakala, with one face and two hands, wearing a large black cloak. There is also a form of Shri Devi named Rangjung Gyalmo that embraces Bernagchen who is the consort figure in the iconography. The Bamro are also very distinctive. They are two monkey attendant figures that stand on their hands and hold skullcups with wrathful red triangular 'torma' with their feet. The list of deities below only represents the special protector deities of the Karma Kagyu and not the general protectors shared with the other Kagyu traditions along with the 'new' schools of Tibet such as the Kadam and Sakya.

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