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Buddhist Deity: Jambhala List of Deities

Jambhala Iconography

List of Jambhala Deities:

Black Jambhala (two hands, Shakyashri Bhadra Tradition)

Black Jambhala

Black Jambhala (four hands)

Green Jambhala (one face, Kalachakra Tantra)

Multi-coloured (Namcho Tradition)

Multi-coloured (consort, Katog Tradition)

Red Jambhala (one face, consort, Sakya Tradition)

Red Jambhala (three faces, Gayadhara Tradition)

Red Jambhala (three faces, Traba Nghonshe Tradition)

Red (one face, consort, Choling Tradition)

White (Sita) Jambhala (Atisha Tradition)

Yellow Jambhala (one face)

Yellow Jambhala (Siddhaikavira Tantra)

Yellow Jambhala (Nine Deity, Mitra Tradition): HAR #79039, 204271

Yellow Jambhala (three faces, consort)

Yellow Jambhala (three faces, Guhyasamaja Tantra)

Jeff Watt 2-2021

(The images below are only a selection of examples from the links above).