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Initiation Cards (tsakli, tsakali) are sets of ritual images that accompany an initiation ceremony. The cards are drawn or painted often on paper, sometimes on cloth. The sets can be anything in size from one card up to hundreds of cards. They sometimes have writing on the front and almost always have inscriptions on the back even if it is just a number. the sequence of the initiation cards is very important. The cards are ritual in use and not intended to be decorative in any way.

Initiation Card Sets:
25 Disciples of Padmasambhava
Chogling Desum Terma Cycle
Deling Shitro Terma Cycle
Dudul Dorje Terma Cycle
Dzogchen (or Kagye) Lineage Set
Eighty-four Mahasiddhas (1)
Gyu Lug Purba Terma Cycle
Hayagriva Dregpa Kundrol Terma Cycle
Jangter Tugdrub Kagye Terma Cycle
Karma Lingpa Shitro Terma Cycle
Karma Lingpa Terma Cycle
Khyentse Wangpo Terma Cycle
Lama Gongdu Terma Cycle
Longchen Nyingtig Terma Cycle
Longsal Nyingpo Terma Cycle
Magyu Sangchog Tartug Terma Cycle (Bon)
Miscellaneous Initiation Cards
Ngar Pan Yontan Terdzo Terma Cycle
Osel Nyingtig Terma Cycle
Padma Tse Nying Terma Cycle
Peling Terma Cycle (group I)
Peling Terma Cycle (group II)
Peling Terma Cycle (group III)
Peling Terma Cycle (group IV)
Rinchen Terdzo Contents List
Rinchen Terdzo (volume Tha)
Rinchen Terdzo (volume Tha continued)
Rinchen Terdzo (volume Da)
Rinchen Terdzo (miscellaneous, volume TSA)
Rinchen Terdzo Mandalas (group I)
Rinjung Lhantab (partial set)
Seven Lines (Tsig Dun)
Shigling Zab Dun Terma Cycle
Tagsham Nuden Dorje Terma Cycle
Three Inner Cycles of Peaceful Deities Terma Cycle
Tugdrub Barche Kunsel Terma Cycle
Walse Ngampa Terma Cycle (Bon)
Yutog Nyingtig Terma Cycle (Set I)
Yutog Nyingtig Terma Cycle (Set II)
Yutog Nyingtig Terma Cycle (Set III, Drawings)
- Others...

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