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Subject: Appropriation, Conflation & Abstraction

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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
- Appropriation
- Conflation
- Abstraction
- Systemization

Four Stanzas:

If you don’t know appropriations,
Then you don’t know origins.

If you don’t know conflations,
Then you don’t know general subjects.

If you don’t know abstractions,
Then you don’t know meanings & definitions.

If you don’t know systemizations,
Then you don’t know structure & the path.

- Appropriation, Conflation & Abstraction
- Appropriation, Conflation & Abstraction: Mara’s Three Daughters in Tibetan Art (University of British Columbia)

Jeff Watt 1-2023

(The images below are only a selection of examples from the links above).