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Jnana Dakini (ye shes mkha' 'gro ma): a female Tantric deity belonging to the Anuttarayoga classification of Tantra.

Jnana Dakini, blue in colour (sometimes red or maroon) has three faces and six arms, slightly peaceful and slightly wrathful in appearance. In the three right hands she holds a vajra scepter, axe and katvanga staff. In the left hands she holds bell, skullcup and sword. In a relaxed posture she sits atop a lion.

"Seated above a lion, variously [coloured] lotus and moon seat is Jnana Dakini, blue [in colour], with three faces, blue, white and red, and six arms. Each face has three eyes. The right three hands hold a katvanga staff, axe and vajra scepter. The right three [hands] hold a bell, blood filled skullcup and a sword. Adorned with a skull garland and the five mudras, [she] is seated in sattva posture in the middle of a fiercely blazing mass of pristine awareness fire." (bod brgyud nang bstan lha tshogs chen mo bshugs so, page 388).

The meditational deity Jnana Dakini arises from the Chaturpita Tantra (catuhpitha-mahayoginitantraraja-nama) and is typically found in a thirteen deity mandala configuration. The principal deity of the tantra is Yogambara. (See TBRC w25336, w25337, w25338).

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