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Teacher: Yungton Dorje Pal

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Yungton Dorje Pal (1284-1365 [P1454]): a student of Zurton Champa Sengge and Rangjung Dorje (the 3rd Karmapa) and a pre-incarnation of the Panchen Lama according to the Panchen Labrang of Tashi Lhunpo. Dorje Pal is also included in the Karma Kagyu Mahamudra lineage of teachers.

Panchen Lama Incarnation Set Inscription:
zur dbang byams pa seng ge'i shabs btud cing.
'jam dpal gzhing rje gshed kyi ting 'dzin gyis.
ma mgon legs ldan 'khor bcas bran du 'khal.
dregs pa zil gnon gyung ston rdo rje dpal.

"Paying homage to Zurwang Jampa Sengge,
And by meditating on Manju Yamari,
Sadhu Mahakala with attendants combined,
The subjugator of demons - Yungton Dorje Pal!"

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