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There are three types of Densatil sculpture:
- Tashi Gomang Stupa & Sculpture (Densatil Monastery)
- Other Densatil Sculpture (Densatil Monastery)
- Densatil-like Sculpture (Branch & Other Monasteries)

Densatil Monastery, founded by Pagmodrubpa Dorje Gyalpo, built the eight Tashi Gomang Stupas between the 1270s and the 1430s. That is a one hundred and sixty year (160) spread of time. Drigung Monastery was founded in 1179 and completed its first stupa in 1208. If both monasteries continued to commission works in a similar style and consistency as the Tashi Gomang stupas of Drigung and Densatil then it is not unreasonable to believe that sculpture for stupas, shrines, chapels and branch monasteries was being created for an approximate three hundred year period ending around 1500. (See Densatil Monastery Chronology).

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