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The ritual objects of the museum are not yet represented on the Himalayan Art Resources website.

The Southern Alleghenies Museum has a number of works that belong to larger painting sets or groups of iconographic collections. The most unique painting based on subject in the Jinasagara Mandala. It is also unusual to see a Panjaranata Mahakala Mandala.

Although very difficult to read the unidentified arhat painted in a Chinese style is of interest because a number of other paintings from the same set are found in American museums with the majority of the set located in East Tibet. The arhat set in a Chinese style is claimed by some to be the work of the 10th Karmapa, Choying Dorje. However, this is disputed by others.

The two earliest paintings in the collection, dated to the 15th century or earlier are the Maha Vairochana Mandala and Jinasagara Mandala.

The Akshobhyavajra Guhyasamaja painting is very good example of the style that came out of Palpung Monastery in East Tibet in the 18th century. It belongs to an iconographic set of 27 compositions depicting the principal meditational deities of the Karma Kagyu School of Tibetan Buddhism.