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Collection: Bonhams London (Refuge Field)

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Each of the different traditions of Tibetan Buddhism have their own style of creating a 'Field of Holy Ones Arranged for the Accumulation of Merit by the Worshiper'

In the Gelug tradition there are two types and three styles of Refuge Field compositions which are found below. The two types of Refuge Field are first Gurupuja where the teacher, in the form of Tsongkapa the founder of the tradition, is depicted at the center, the second is a similar Refuge Field with Shakyamuni Buddha at the center.

The three different styles are the Gurupuja style (HAR #2160, 2188, 2189, 2213), Shakyamuni style (HAR #2220) and 'Pabongkha Designed' style (HAR #2190). The latter is an early 20th century re-design by the famous Gelug teacher named Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo (1878-1941 [TBRC P230]).

Refuge Field paintings are created as individual compositions and are not known to be painted as sets.

Jeff Watt 3-2017