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Video: Animal Mounts: Nine-Headed

Nine-headed animal mounts are not uncommon in Himalayan and Tibetan art. They can be found in both Nyingma Buddhist and Bon religious art and most likely a product of the Himalayan regions and Tibet. Nine-headed animal mounts were not common in Indian iconography.

For the protector deities of the Yutog Nyingtig, depending on the liturgical texts, there can be either four or seven secondary figures seated atop nine-headed animal mounts. Guru Dragtro of the 'Revealed Treasure' of Rolpai Dorje rides a nine-headed sow. A number of secondary figures in the outer retinue of Gyalpo Pehar ride atop nine-headed mounts.

There are numerous other worldly deities that have attendant figures seated on various types of mounts.

Jeff Watt 3-2022

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