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Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description (below)
- Outline Page
- One face, two arms (Solitary)
- One face, two arms (w/consort)
- Three faces, six arms, w/ consort (Heruka)
- Nine faces, /wo consort (Karma Guru Heruka)
- Nine face, eighteen arms, /w consort (Tarig Tradition)
- Padmasambhava Main Page
- Confusions: Dorje Drolo, Guru Dragpur
- Others...

Video: Guru Dragpo

Approach: Solitary
Full Approach: Three faces, six arms
Accomplishment: Nine heads, eighteen arms
Great Accomplishment: Twenty-one heads, forty-two arms

The meditational deities of the Nyingma can be divided into three principal categories of deities. The first are those deities described in the [1] Guhyagarbha Tantra. The second category are the [2] Eight Heruka including Mahottara. The third category are all of those forms that are included in the [3] 'Revealed Treasure' Tradition (terma). Many 'Revealed Treasures' are simply variations on the forms of the Guhyagarbha and Eight Heruka, however an entirely new group developed which are based on the being of Padmasambhava. This third group includes deities such as the Outer, Inner and Secret Forms of Padmasambhava which include Guru Dragpo, Simhamukha and many others.

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