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Item: Shakyamuni Buddha

ཤཱཀྱ་ཐུབ་པ། 释迦牟尼佛
(item no. 65485)
Origin Location China
Date Range 1400 - 1499
Lineages Buddhist
Material Metal, Mercuric Gild, Precious Stone
Collection Rubin Museum of Art
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Person

Interpretation / Description

Shakyamuni Buddha (Tibetan: sha kya tu pa, sang gye. English: the Enlightened One, Sage of the Shakya Clan).

Sanskrit: Buddha Shakyamuni Tibetan: Sang gye sha kya tu pa

The throne base and throne back are clearly in a Tibetan style and origin. The Buddha figure however has the Yongle Emperor of China mark on the front of the seat (1403-24). This Buddha figure was substituted for the original figure intended for this throne base and throne back.

Jeff Watt 2-2007

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