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Item: Chime Tsugpu (Bon Deity)

འཆི་མེད་གཙུག་ཕུད། བོན་ལྷ། 其美珠普 (苯教本尊)
(item no. 73124)
Origin Location Tibet
Lineages Bon
Size 86x66cm (33.86x25.98in)
Material Ground Mineral Pigment on Cotton
Collection Private
Catalogue # R.E.E. Collection
Notes about the Central Figure

Classification: Deity

Interpretation / Description

Tonpa Chime Tsugpu, Ngadar Gyupa'i Bon Shen Rigdzin (ston pa 'chi med g.tsug phud, snga dar rgyud pa'i bon g.shen rig 'dzin). Chime Tsugpu is a teacher, often depicted as a peaceful deity, related to the early spread of Bon practices such as the 'Five Excellent Ones of the Se Fortress' and others meditation and ritual practices. Sometimes the father and mother of Chime Tsugpu, Trulshen Nangden and Zangza Ringtsun, are included in painted compositions.

Peaceful in appearance with one face and two hands, he holds in the lap a flaming jewel. Adorned with a crown and jewel ornaments, he wears heavenly attire. The two legs are in a crossed posture above a lotus cushion and throne.

At the top center are three rows of three deities. Nine deities in total. Surrounding those and descending down the sides of the composition are the eighty-four accomplished ones (drubtob) of the Magyu system of Bon ritual practices.

Directly below the central figure is the meditational deity Magyu Sangchog Tartug with multiple heads and arms, embracing a red consort.

Additional teachers belonging to the same time period as the creation of the painting are depicted at the bottom center of the composition.

Jeff Watt 1-2018

The Bon Religion of Tibet: (list of image plates)

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