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Bon (Tibetan: Yungdrung Bon. English: Ever-lasting Truth): the indigenous religion of the Himalayas, Tibet and regions of Central Asia prior to the arrival of Buddhism in Tibet in the 8th century. Although in modern times having fewer followers than Buddhism, the Bon religion is still active and thriving in many parts of the Himalayas and surrounding regions spanning the areas of India, Nepal, Bhutan, China and Tibet.

An Introduction
cover An example of each of the main subject catagories along with a written explanation.


4 Transcendent Lords
cover Desheg Shi: the four principal figures and progenitors of the Bon religion: several sets including a mandala.


6 Teachers of Discipline
cover Dulwa Shen Drug: six special forms of Tonpa Shenrab relating to the 6 realms of beings in the world of existence.


12 Ritual Deities
cover Choga Chunyi: the twelve special ritual practices taught by Tonpa Shenrab.


Lamas (Teachers)
cover The founder of Menri Monastery and other notable teachers.


Mandala (kyil khor)
cover Circular models, an idealized image of a pure universe; the abode of an archetypal deity.


Miscellaneous Subjects
cover Stupa, refuge fields, the pureland of Olmo Lungring, and a protective chart.


cover Murals painted on the walls of temples in Kham (Tibet), and Dolanji (H.P., India).


Peaceful & Wrathful Deities
cover The distant and near lineage, deities and protectors of the Shi-tro cycle of practice.


Peaceful Deities
cover Including meditational deities, Tonpa Shenrab and his various forms.


Protector Deities
cover The principal enlightened and worldly protectors; Sipa'i Gyalmo, Machen Pomra and others.


cover Various sculptures of Lamas, Deities and Protectors.


Tonpa Shenrab: Founder
cover The founder of the Bon religion; painting and sculpture.


Wrathful Deities
cover The catagory of Wrathful Deities including meditational deities and protectors.