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Subject: Sun & Moon (Secondary Deities & Attributes)

Sun & Moon

Subjects, Topics & Types:
- Description
- Deities (below)
- Attributes, Context & Supports
--- Moon Disc Seat
--- Sun Disc Seat
--- Hand Attributes
--- Throne Back
--- Trampled underfoot: Chandra, Surya
- Confusions
- Others...

- The Sun & Moon In Art, Part 1
- The Sun & Moon In Art, Part 2
- The Sun & Moon In Art, Part 3

Deities Associated with the Moon or Sun:
- Marichi
- White Tara, Radiant White Moon
- White Manjushri
- Simhamukha
- Shristhikantha Lokeshvara emanation
- Lama Gongdu
- Others...

[2. Tara Radiant White Moon] "Pacifying the suffering of Samsara and granting pure happiness, manifestation of the victory over the darkness of the two obscurations, possess a face [like] the waxing moon with limitless kindness, Victorious Mother, exalted one you are the permanent refuge."

སྐད་ཅིག་ཙམ་ཞིག་ཡིད་མཁར་ཤར་བས་ཀྱང་། བསམ་པའི་དོན་ཀུན་ཡིད་བཞིན་སྟེར་བའི་མཐུ། གང་ལ་མངའ་བ་གསེར་མདོག་མཚན་དཔེའི་བྱིན། རྒྱས་པའི་སྣང་བ་མཆོག་གིས་མཚོན་པ་བཞིན།

Jeff Watt, 2-2024

(The images below are only a selection of examples).