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Painting Set: Mahakala & Margapala [29]

Mahakala & Margapala [29] | Margapala Lineage Paintings (Sakya)

This set of paintings would have numbered more than fifteen and depicts the Panjarnata Mahakala Lineage as the two large central figures. At the top of the composition is the Lamdre (Margapala) Lineage of teachers descending from Virupa and on through the Sakya line. There are possibly eleven paintings known to currently exist from this set.

Also see a similar painting, although a different set, depicting Sakya Gongma Kunga Tashi, that appears to be by the same artist. Also, a painting of Brahmanarupa Mahakala appears to be from the same atelier of artist(s) HAR 200636.

Jeff Watt [updated 9-2016, updated 8-2017]