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Chakrasamvara (Tibetan: khor lo dem chog. English: the Wheel of Bliss). The principal tantra of the Anuttarayoga Wisdom (mother) classification of the Vajrayana Buddhist Tradition. Chakrasamvara is one of the most popular deities in Tantric Buddhism in the Himalayan regions and Tibet after the 11th century. He can appear in several dozen different forms, from simple to complex and peaceful to wrathful, which makes it necessary to rely on the descriptive literature in the Sanskrit and Tibetan languages to identify his various forms.

Adding to the complexity, there are more than fifty different traditions of these forms in Tibetan Buddhism. The different forms are meant to emphasize different types of meditation practice that are suited for specific types of emotional and psychological characteristics in the tantric practitioners who take on these complex practices.

Tibetan: Khor lo dem chog

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