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"The Rubin Museum of Art, New York, is among the top five museums in the world for Himalayan art. It has one of the finest collections found anywhere. In both North America and Europe there are only a handful of museums with the same quality, depth of collection, and breadth of objects as the Rubin Museum.

The comparable museums to the Rubin are the Los Angeles County Museum, Asian Art Museum San Francisco, Guimet Musee National in Paris and the Museum of Culture in Basel, Switzerland.

In India, the Tibet House Museum has a comparable but smaller collection focusing on Tibetan art, as well as the Zanabazar Museum in Ulan Bator, Mongolia, again focusing primarily on Mongolian created art.

The Rubin Museum of Art can also be credited with being the most documented and published collection of Himalayan art among all of the museum and private collections anywhere in the world."

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Jeff Watt, 10-2014.

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