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Two Definitions for the Word Buddha:
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In Himalayan and Tibetan art the word 'buddha' can have two general meanings. The first meaning belongs to the religious definition, an abstract meaning, where 'buddha' describes a completely enlightened being having reached the top of the Ten Bodhisattva Grounds (levels, stages) and progressed further to a 13th level known as complete Buddhahood. The terms tathagata, jina, sarvajnana and buddha are all used interchangeably to refer to an 'enlightened one'.

In Himalayan art, 'buddha' also has the secondary meaning of 'Buddha Appearance' which refers to figures that have the form of a buddha as defined by the early Buddhist literature describing the physical characteristics of a buddha such as the Thirty-two Major and Eighty Minor Marks of Perfection, the characteristics of a Universal Monarch.

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